About Us

Children Angels of God project founded in 2001 is a non-governmental not for profit making organization, approved and registered by the government of Kenya under the societies act, with its primary objective to provide all basic needs (that is education, health, clothes, shelter and food) to all children at risk as well as provide a spiritual foundation. The project is working with children at risk in Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Children Angels of God project is firmly rooted in following the call to give love and service to those in need. The school has grown to be the largest not for profit school in Kawangware and in Nairobi slums - serving children. Our Aim is to have a greater impact on the lives of children at risk in our communities. To do this we choose to unite in order to improve and expand our work. We want to offer the children in our programs a better quality of care to reach out to more children so that their needs can be met too. Children Angels of God Project is a high-quality educational facility served by few certified teachers. Children learn to read and write. They learn history, geography, Science, Religious Education English, Kiswahili and mathematics. They study worlds far beyond the slums. They learn that they have value and intelligence and a future. According to statistics in Kenya, many children do not receive the most minimal education because they are ashamed to attend school in their bare feet, torn clothes or because they are hungry.

It only takes one look into the eyes of the homeless children in Kawangware slum to see the hopeless of their situation. In many areas of these slum poverty and abuse if broken in the life of some of these precious children it will be because you and I did something to make a difference. Together we can help children learn to live a healthy and productive life. We can take them off the streets and slum corners and help them with schooling.