Our Children

We have grown to over 1100 children ranging in age from 3 to 24 years. Over two hundred of the children participate in the pre-school / nursery unit. The remainder attends standard one through eight and high school called states high school, Nairobi. Their backgrounds vary, but all are without even the barest of resources. Some are disabled, some infected with AIDS. Many are orphaned or abandoned. All are hungry to learn and grow in an environment that stimulates and values them.

Children growing up in the Kawangware slums of Nairobi face unimaginable obstacles: hunger, disease, abject poverty and sometimes violence and abuse. There is no societal "safety net". Each day is a fight for survival. Hunger, brutality and death are facts of everyday life in the slums. Many children come from families devastated by abuse, crime and AIDS. These children don't see a doctor when they are sick or a dentist when their tooth is infected. They don't talk to a counselor when their mother is dying. They are hungry and wondering where the next meal will come from. Some are homeless and wondering where they will sleep, while others wonder where they can be safe.

This is where Julius Marsco and the board comes in after identifying the opportunity and undertake the project, we are offering assistance to all children regardless of age, race, gender, financial access or tribal affiliation, Today we offer education as well as emotional and spiritual support to over 1100 needy children. It is our beginning in few years time we will cover the whole of Kenya and Africa. AIDS and other diseases have orphaned many of our Children.

Others have been abandoned either because they are disabled or living with grandparents or other guardians who are either elderly or very young. Nearly all the children come from extremely poor families without resources for food, clothing, healthcare, education or other needs of children. We consider all these children "at risk". Kawangware is one of the largest of Nairobi's sprawling slums, is a place where people narrowly survive on less than one dollar per day. Without our support and your help, these children are subject to Physical and sexual exploitation. In some cases they are simply abandoned, leading them to become street beggars, illiterate, drug addicts and tools for abuse. For example one of our own students a girl aged 13 years in std 7 committed suicide in her home because of the harsh mistreatment she could no longer endure by her guardians. healthcare, food, shelter and clothing Children are protected from becoming victims of neglect or abuse.

Children are provided with the Moral and emotional support necessary for internal growth.
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